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Yashow TV 

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We create media in a new angle to entertain the audience around the world that powers their optimism and dreams. We combine data, technology and storytelling to connect to this audience at scale. We are passionate. We move fast. We welcome change. We value our team. We love to win. We are fans. We are supportive. We are kind. We are positive. We collaborate. We say cheers. 

Full-service creative shop, develops immersive insight-driven marketing programs for brands who want to reach and engage themselves in the world of entertainment. Capabilities Include: Video Production, Original Photography, Digital and Mobile Experiences, Social Media Activation, Experiential Marketing  Programs, and Talent Acquisition to introduce new talents to our audience from the nook and corner of this entertainment world. 

GORANTLA KRISHNA RECORDNING  STUDIOS, the video production arm of YASHOW TV, is headed by its Chairman and  CEO Shri YASHO KRISHNA, a multi faceted and talented cine musician and music director from his childhood who won many laurels and awards and recognised by both the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments for his contribution in spreading their cultures and traditions through audio visual songs and advertisements and films in the telugu film industry as well as the devotional world. He hails from a small village named Narsakkapalle of Wranagal district of Telangana state. Shri Yasho Krishna is the fourth son of Sri Gorantla Rama Swamy and Kanaka Lakshmi.

With everyday growing subscribers  and enthusiastic viewers Yashow TV is leading the world of telugu music and video lovers. Our videos are mobile-first and platform-first; we have been quick to innovate and optimize videos for platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, in addition to creating content for TV viewing. Whether it’s shows that make viewers laugh, style leaders who inspire them to look their best, or lifestyle experts who help them lead a happier, healthier life — we tend to partner with brands to produce meaningful and entertaining content that we know our audience will love and share by the millions. Check out our library for latest videos and music in the entertainment sections of our website. We believe that video is the best way to capture and share life’s incredible variety. This is why at Yashow TV we aim to offer the best entertainment experience to our viewers. Yashow TV, a place where you can discover content you love, like or demand. Our viewers can follow, watch and share the events and the ideas that keep the entertainment world surprising and diverse as we create. A place where video-makers are free to share their world and connect with a passionate audience anywhere, anytime. We care about offering all video-makers the right resources, the cutting edge technology, the flexibility and the visibility they need to inspire, inform, entertain and get introduced to this world of entertainment to establish their goals.

Come watch us and comment on our programs and enable us to give you more content that you like.