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Yasho Krishna Biography


Yasho Krishna.. a name emerging among the modern tolly-wood industry’s young and dynamic music directors.

Hailing from a family of art-lovers of yester years, Yasho Krishna, says,“ MUSIC – THE SOUND OF MY PASSION”, With the blessings and encouragement of my parents and brothers, Gorantla Sanjay, Ramesh and Srinivas. “I am what I am now”.

Yasho Krishna was born on 1st April 1978 in Narasakkapalle village of Parkalmandal in Warangal district. He was the fourth among the children born to Smt. Kanaka Laxmi and Sri.Gorantla Ramaswamy, an agriculturel farmer and a wellnoted mythological stage artist.

Taking the advantage of coming from a family of drama and art lovers, his journey started here to show his interest towards the sound of music.Many a time he accompanied his father’s troop to lend his initial support as a learner and grasped knowledge out of his experiences as a child.

He married Radha in 2006, and is blessed with a daughter, Nithya Hasini and son, Lelihas Even as a school going kid, he participated in many cultural events and won laurels from his near and dear.


His interest towards music paved his path to settle as a musician, where he initially sought the blessings of noted music masters. He first sought the help of a Flute master by name Kumar, who happened to give a stage performancein village and learnt playing the Instrument under his guidance for two years.

Later with a passion to learn keyboard, he joined music classes under the guidance of Seethala Raghuvender. In his journey, he learnt Hindustani Vocal Music at Pothana Music College in Warangal, under the discipleship of music teacher Yosha.

In search of immense musical knowledge and to build a career from his talents, Yasho Krishna moved on to the city of Hyderabad in 1998. He landed at the doors of Swara Mela Music Academy, to learn PIANO under the professional expertise of his guru Chand Pasha, and continued his devotion towards music.

Simultaneously he joined another young master Agastya, from whom he learnt Staff Notation to help him understand both the western and Classical forms of music, and at the Thyagaraja Music College Hyderabad, he pursued Carnatic vocal lessons under the able guidance of his guru Anil. Gaining enough knowledge from all his previous masters and his exposure to other musicians of the music industry, he sought the guidance of Chinna, a well-noted keyboardist and learnt the techniques of modern music composing.

As an able performer and self-confident musician, he started composing his style of music in the year 2004.There came a time for this young musician to take up a challenge and prove his talent and withstand the upcoming competition in the world of music, he was first introduced to the world as a musician through the Television network, composing the title song for NEELI MEGHALALO, as serial telecasted by Doordarshan. The popularity of the serial earned him enough fame and paved his way into the Telugu film industry through the film VENKAT THO ALIVELU, giving him a wide publicity as a new Music Director.Years rolled by for this young music director in success and his latest and big-budget film NAGARAM NIDRA POTHUNNA VELA, won him the laurels of many old and new producers and musicians of TOLLY-WOOD.

Yasho Krishna, says, “ MUSIC – THE SOUND OF MY PASSION”,
With the blessings and encouragement of my parents and brothers, Gorantla Sanjay, Ramesh and Srinivas.